A sensor that visually and dimensionally checks anchor points, but that’s not all …


David Crabbe

David Crabbe DPNT

Daniel Lepage

Daniel Lepage DPNT

Pascal Raby

Pascal Raby EDF Hydro

Romain Aubert

Romain Aubert DPNT

In a word

COMETE (French acronym meaning "calibrated optical monitoring sensor") is designed to significantly minimise the erecting of scaffolds to check the compliance of elevated anchor points.

The project

Inspired by the idea of an EDF employee in 2018, a company called HDS started working on the design of a sensor that could remotely perform visual and dimensional checks of anchor points contributing to plant safety. The COMETE project was thus born.

The sensor can be carried by hand or placed on a pole or drone so that it can be used in any situation. It can be used to check anchor points without requiring scaffolds to be erected and dismantled or without requiring the use of rope-access technicians (a highly specialised resource).

In addition to saving wrench time, the system makes working conditions safer by minimising manipulations at height and reducing radiation exposure by 12man.mSv/h for the same job.

This innovation also helps to improve data traceability. Before COMETE was implemented, measurements were recorded by hand on paper. Anchor points are now photographed. Information is digitally recorded and can be used as evidence in the event of an audit by the regulator.

Already widely rolled out at Chinon and Dampierre nuclear power plants, COMETE could be used on all nuclear plants belonging to the EDF fleet.

This solution could also be of interest to other EDF businesses such as hydro, where it could be used to check valve fasteners, or even by Enedis who could use it to check anchor points on electrical pylons.

Why is this a game changer ?

1 500 requests
for the erecting and dismantling of scaffolds avoided per unit thanks to COMETE.
Radiation exposure reduced for the same job
Reduction from 27man.mSv/h to 15man.mSv/h (measured during the unit-3 outage at Chinon NPP in 2019).
400 thousand Euros saved
for 5 000 anchor points observed at Chinon 1 and 3 in 2019.
30 days saved
per outage.

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