A platform to connect green energy producers directly to clients.


Pieterjan Van den bosch

Pieterjan Van den bosch Luminus

Pieterjan Verhaeghen

Pieterjan Verhaeghen Luminus

In a word

Bolt is the very first platform in Belgium allowing households to buy their energy directly from local green producers.

The project

In Belgium, many consumers think they help the climate by subscribing to a green electricity offer, whereas in reality certificates are bought in countries like Norway or Iceland to greenify the contract. These countries are already close to 100% green energy and therefore the Belgian consumers money doesn’t help to support the energy transition.

With Bolt Energy, people can choose wind energy from farmer Luc or solar energy from the local sports club and this, in only 3 minutes. Bolt wants to be a driver of the fight against climate change by making the financial flows of green energy production & supply more transparent. Bolt's customers know where their electricity comes from and where their money goes. By creating a community of conscious consumers, Bolt Energy aims at creating a deeper and stronger customer relation.

As Bolt has been set up as a separate entity, operating costs are reduced. Thus, customers benefit competitive offers (with a cost to serve level of 10-20€/contract, well below the historical players in the market) and producers get a fair remuneration. The company is seen as a true partner.

The concept is replicable in all of the EDF Retail businesses, with adaptation to the local market dynamics and customers (France, Italy, UK). Via Bolt we also plan to unlock extra value by partnering with energy service companies, local energy communities, financing providers of energy production installations.

Why is this a game changer ?

4000 customers
in the first 6 months after the start of the initiative aiming at 100k customers in 4 years.
First and only
supplier to provide 100% renewable and 100% traceable local Belgian energy.
Capture the value of the most engaged customers into energy transition
by creating our own new market niche and keeping the first mover advantage.

EDF Pulse Internal Awards Calendar


6 January 2020

Launch of the 7th edition of the EDF Pulse Internal Awards.

31 January 2020

Registration closes. 330 files received.

11 March – 13 March 2020

Selection of the 24 finalist projects by the selection committees.

23 March 2020

Announcement of the 24 finalist teams

2 November – 1st December 2020

Employees vote for their favorite project.

12 January - 13 January 2021

Finalists coaching.

13 January 2021

Auditions before the members of the Group's Executive Committee. Awards ceremony.

13 January 2021

Revelation of the 7 winners!