Using electric vehicles to store electricity.


Quentin Maitre

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Alban Jeandin

Alban Jeandin Izivia

In a word

Vehicle To Business converts electric company cars into energy storage tanks, making them active players in the energy transition while at the same time earning money.

The project

The Vehicle To Business (V2B) project sells Vehicle-To-Grid technology to corporate customers. This novel system uses electric vehicle batteries to service the power system. It uses information from the grid: the vehicle’s battery is charged when there is an excess of power and is discharged when there is a power deficit. Only a limited portion of an individual battery is actually discharged: drivers can therefore use their cars whenever they need them and with no additional stress.

LeIt is the quantity of vehicles that determines the ability to virtually recreate a battery with almost infinite capacity.

The customer is paid for the use of these batteries and can earn up to 20€/month/vehicle (the amount it costs to electrically "fill up" the vehicle. This relieves financial pressure (vehicle purchase price) and facilitates the conversion of fossil-fuelled fleets into electrical fleets.

Vehicle-to-Grid is an emerging technology and this commercial pilot, run by EDF and its subsidiaries DREEV and Izivia, is practically a world first: it is utterly novel and provides high levels of economic performance for customers. The project showcases EDF as an innovative company that is actively committed to the energy transition by supporting customers that are increasingly concerned about environmental issues.

The final package is being launched among customers with large car fleets. It could then be extended to private and international customers.

Why is this a game changer ?

It changes everything for the power system
instead of being a constraint for the grid, electric mobility becomes an asset for the integration of renewables.
It changes everything for the customer
The vehicle becomes a money earner for the first time ever, thereby strengthening EDF’s position with companies that want to sign up to the energy transition.
It changes everything for the planet
By creating a virtuous circle between the energy and mobility sectors.

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