Carbon neutrality attainable for industrial customers at no extra cost.


Julien Coudert

Julien Coudert Dalkia

Eric Devilliers

Eric Devilliers Dalkia

Thomas Coulon

Thomas Coulon Dalkia

David Malheiro

David Malheiro Customer Division

In a word

Thanks to its offer of a low-carbon pathway with ‘Trajectoire Carbone Solution’, Dalkia is reducing the carbon footprint of industrial customers at no extra cost and without investment, on a tailored, fast-track, visible and local basis!

The project

Industry currently accounts for 25% of global CO 2 emissions. Industrial firms must reduce their carbon footprint while controlling budget constraints and ensuring future growth.

Thanks to Trajectoire Carbone Solution, Dalkia can help industrial firms of all sizes and in all sectors to reduce their carbon footprint effortlessly. Dalkia formally undertakes to reduce their energy consumption over time via an energy performance contract. Dalkia then makes it possible to reinvest the gains from energy savings into local projects for generation of renewable energy with guarantees of origin. For example, by purchasing biomethane from a farmer less than 100km from the industrial site. Customers can choose to reinvest all the gains or hold on to part of the gains, depending on their environmental objectives.

The impact of the carbon footprint mechanism is multiplied by combining energy savings and renewables. If an industrial firm achieves gas savings of 7% over 5 years though its performance contract, and reinvests these savings in biomethane, it can reduce its carbon footprint by 20%!

Trajectoire Carbone Solution therefore allows industrial firms to green up their activities without modifying their plants and without additional financial investment.

Through this mechanism, linked in particular to gas consumption, the EDF Group and its subsidiary Dalkia are supporting customers on their journey to a carbon neutral future.

This virtuous circle and responsible business model, at the forefront of the circular economy, represents a concrete contribution to the reduction of CO₂ emissions and thus to the fight against global warming.

Why is this a game changer ?

extra cost for the industrial firm.
A guaranteed 20% to 100%
reduction in a site’s carbon footprint.
100 %
effortless transition to carbon neutrality.

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