Confiance L@B

#18 Confiance L@B

Empowering workers to act, decide and change our leadership model.


Teresa Esnault

Teresa Esnault Sales

Rachel Herpet

Rachel Herpet Sales

Jocelyn Perdrizet

Jocelyn Perdrizet Sales

Margot Tranchant

Margot Tranchant Sales

In a word

The Confiance L@b project consists of a shared leadership model where everyone is empowered to act and decide, thereby encouraging accountability, autonomy, cross- functional cooperation and collective performance.

The project

Confiance L@b is a collective initiative developed by a number of sales teams. It is the result of a collaborative effort designed to support the workforce. Introduced in 2019, it seeks to engage all sales personnel by empowering them to act and decide within a collectively agreed framework. This new leadership model gives leaders the role of facilitator/coach/advisor in support of their teams. The aim is to improve performance so that customer needs can be met with ever-increasing efficiency.

This novel project is based on three cornerstones supporting horizontal leadership: / It rethinks leadership fundamentals in order to boost performance on a daily basis. There are no more “specifically designated” leaders but rather 5 “coaching leaders” for the entire team (60 people). / It rethinks managerial decision-making so that each individual is given greater autonomy. Decisions are directly taken by the workers concerned within an agreed framework such as scheduling, target-setting and variable pay.  / It rethinks the work space. Offices are de-partitioned, shared and remodelled to support new, more cross-functional working methods by combining teams, for example.

The system has also facilitated team work and mutual support between leaders of different EDF sales departments (residential, business), who share their projects and good practices in order to take the idea even further, thus helping teams to thrive and perform better.

Why is this a game changer ?

Improved sales performance
Increased sales (x3 on average) and customer satisfaction (+9 pts).
+19 accountability points in the MyEDF 2019 survey
Greater accountability and worker loyalty.
3-day drop in absentee rate per employee per year

EDF Pulse Internal Awards Calendar


6 January 2020

Launch of the 7th edition of the EDF Pulse Internal Awards.

31 January 2020

Registration closes. 330 files received.

11 March – 13 March 2020

Selection of the 24 finalist projects by the selection committees.

23 March 2020

Announcement of the 24 finalist teams

2 November – 1st December 2020

Employees vote for their favorite project.

12 January - 13 January 2021

Finalists coaching.

13 January 2021

Auditions before the members of the Group's Executive Committee. Awards ceremony.

13 January 2021

Revelation of the 7 winners!