On-line energy survey for accelerating regional energy transitions.


Christelle Collenot Doré

Christelle Collenot Doré Sales

Nicolas Robin

Nicolas Robin Regional initiatives

Mathieu Gennevieve

Mathieu Gennevieve Regional initiatives

Diane Petillon

Diane Petillon R&D

In a word

A web interface based on processed and modelled open data, Terr@data encourages elected representatives to embark on their region’s energy transition and to choose EDF as their partner.

The project

What if data could achieve the goals of France’s low-carbon strategy and accelerate its regions’ energy transitions? Enriched, processed and modelled, this data helps communities to identify low-carbon enablers they can implement in their regions. That is what the Terr@data project is all about!

Available at edf.fr/collectivites, Terr@data is a web-based interface which uses data processing and modelling to display key energy indicators in the form of data visualisation on a regional scale: CO₂ emissions, population’s energy consumption, local power generation and its potential, etc.

Communities can use Terr@data as a decision-making aid. After entering their postal code, they can go even further and request a more detailed energy survey by submitting a contact form.

Working as a tool that generates qualified contacts for regional EDF developers, Terr@data is a business enabler for selling the EDF Group’s energy solutions.

Why is this a game changer ?

More than 100 000 bits of data used
to cover 100% of continental France.
265 million tons of CO₂
emitted due to energy consumption are visualised in detail on a regional scale.
29.5% of interested communities
have filled out and entered their profiles, thereby generating new contacts.
185 qualified leads (prospective contacts)
have been referred to regional growth executives within the space of only 2 months.

EDF Pulse Internal Awards Calendar


6 January 2020

Launch of the 7th edition of the EDF Pulse Internal Awards.

31 January 2020

Registration closes. 330 files received.

11 March – 13 March 2020

Selection of the 24 finalist projects by the selection committees.

23 March 2020

Announcement of the 24 finalist teams

2 November – 1st December 2020

Employees vote for their favorite project.

12 January - 13 January 2021

Finalists coaching.

13 January 2021

Auditions before the members of the Group's Executive Committee. Awards ceremony.

13 January 2021

Revelation of the 7 winners!