A hermetically-sealed plug that can be used in all industries.


Fabien Houssay

Fabien Houssay Fossil-Fuelled and Nuclear Generation (DPNT)

Coralie Freneau

Coralie Freneau Nuclear Engineering and New Build (DIPNN)

In a word

ObtuRob is an innovative plug that hermetically seals pressure equipment. It combines simplicity, efficiency and industrial safety.

The project

Legislation requires pressure equipment to be hydrostatically tested. Some plant systems feature parallel-seat valves which stop or allow the flow of fluid (gas, oil or water depending on the system), similarly to a household tap.

The ObtuRob system isolates equipment from the rest of the plant by hermetically sealing these valves so that hydrostatic tests or maintenance can be performed.

Designed and developed by DPNT personnel, this system – for which a patent has been filed – changes the methods that have been used up to now (machining of valves, welding of disks), while preventing any leakage on the valve without having to perform large-scale maintenance, regardless of pressure.

Safe and easy to use, it does not require special training. This leaves specialised workers (valve technicians, welders) free to perform other maintenance work. It also minimises fire and radiological risks associated with former methods.

Its efficiency improves plant capability and safety.

ObtuRob can be used on all parallel-seat valves in all industries. A market study has shown that numerous French and international companies are interested in this innovation. It has also sparked interest within other EDF business like the fossil-fuelled sector.

Why is this a game changer ?

14 million Euros saved
over a 10-year period by obviating the need for large-scale maintenance (welding, lapping).
Can be used on 2176 valves
across the French nuclear fleet. ObtuRob covers a wide range of diameters (200 mm to 750 mm) and pressures (up to 250 bar).
Taking only 4 hours to install
3 days were saved during a planned outage in 2019.

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