Energiot, optimising power supply grids with autonomous sensors

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Our society is dependent on a constant supply of electricity. So in Europe alone, there are 10 million kilometres of overhead power lines! This ageing grid requires a high level of costly and currently inefficient maintenance. Energiot addresses these issues with an innovative and eco-friendly solution. With a strong team of engineers and a patented technology based on piezoelectricity (the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials as a result of mechanical pressure), the Spanish start-up Energiot has developed autonomous IoT sensors that recharge themselves from the magnetic field around overhead power lines, and collect an impressive amount of data from the power transmission grid. More specifically, they can be used to predict unexpected events and produce detailed maps of power transmission lines. Grid operators can then use this data to limit losses of electricity and reduce their operating costs by around 20%. Unlike other sensors available in the market, these generate no toxic waste whatsoever. Better still, Energiot sensors are also between 5 and 10 times cheaper than other sensors!
Energiot created a battery-free eco-friendly IoT device to optimize energy resources through data intelligence, helping the electricity become more accessible and abundant.
Gonzalo Murillo Founder