Le Chemin Des Mûres, the app that supports local food and local producers

Encouraging short food supply chains and the local economy: that’s Le Chemin Des Mûres’s mission. This start-up has developed an app for food producers and suppliers. Its aim: to facilitate and reduce transport costs by pooling deliveries.

Reciclalia, sustainable recycling of wind turbine blades

Its patented technologies make this a timely solution for dismantling and recycling the composite materials contained in decommissioned wind turbine blades. The resulting glass and carbon fibres are reused by industry to promote a circular economy.

Earthwake, the machine that recycles plastic into fuel

Chrysalis creates a circular carbon economy! Developed by the Earthwake start-up, this machine uses pyrolysis technology to recycle plastic waste into petrol, diesel and gas. This intentionally low-tech solution is also mobile and energy self-sufficient.

Water Horizon, the mobile battery that recovers waste heat

This mobile battery recovers waste heat from industrial processes and recycles it in the form of heating or cooling wherever it is needed. An effective way of boosting the contribution made by renewables and reducing CO₂ emissions.

WeeM, the connected booth that makes official procedures easier

The intuitive tablet-equipped WeeM soundproof booth is closing the digital divide by making online official procedures accessible to everyone.

Octopus Lab, taking care of indoor air quality

The Octopus Lab SaaS solution forecasts indoor air pollution levels, and controls building ventilation systems accordingly. The resulting air quality is guaranteed, even during spikes in CO₂!

eBikePort, the durable, self-powered charging station

eBikePort is shaping new horizons for our cities. This self-powered multi-functional charging station serves electric bikes, scooters and smartphones, offers free WiFi and secure lockers for personal property.

ACWA Robotics, revolutionising water supply system management

This AI robot travels through water pipes to detect faults and makes it possible to organise repair of damaged sections before a leak occurs.

Transition-One, the start-up that converts cars to electric in 4 hours

Transition-One converts the petrol and diesel engines of city cars and vans to electric in just 4 hours. Low carbon, efficient and affordable, this technology delivers a sustainable mobility transition solution for private motorists and fleet operators.

Inbolt, digitalising manual industrial processes

Small and easily attached to any tools, InBolt modules record the movements of technicians working on industrial production lines, enabling them to apply real-time quality control.

BeFC, the eco-friendly battery made from paper and enzymes

This small, flexible, paper-thin battery is revolutionising the market for the button batteries used in small disposable electronic devices. This smart-designed, economical and non-toxic solution is created from bio-sourced materials.

Energiot, optimising power supply grids with autonomous sensors

Self-powered from the magnetic field generated by overhead transmission lines, these smart sensor devices can analyse the power supply grid to detect problems and considerably reduce maintenance costs, avoiding the use of millions of batteries.